Abbas to Egyptian delegation: Strong relations between Syria and Egypt guarantee their security

Damascus, SANA – Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hadiyeh Abbas on Saturday met a delegation from the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, affirming to the delegation members the need to strengthen relations between the two countries and boost cooperation to fight terrorism.

Abbas voiced appreciation of Egypt’s position of rejecting foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and its commitment to its sovereignty and stability, affirming that having strong relations between Syria and Egypt guarantees their security and protects the future of the region from Western plots, the Israeli enemy, and extremism.

For his part, the head of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate Tarek al-Nabrawi said that solidarity between Syrians and Egyptians is the basis for achieving Arab unity, adding that the terrorism affecting Egypt is the same as the terrorism that has been targeting Syria for six years.

In a statement to journalists after the meeting, al-Nabrawi said that the delegation signed a cooperation protocol during its visit, which will help joint work in the field of engineering and will support reconstruction projects in Syria.